Tuesday, September 9, 2008


Moments...they come upon me unawares. From nowhere, in the middle of the workday I get a flash of past days. Lazy, lovely, happy days. Days spent in the sunshine, walking fields of green, birds overhead, cattle lying in the shade or belly deep in the pond on a hot Oklahoma summer day. Time alone on a dairy farm full of Jersey cows. Accompanied on my wanderings by a border collie. Lazy, hazy days of childhood. Days when adulthood seemed an eternity away. Now it seems but a moment from a carefree childhood summer to busy days at a computer.

I have wandered my whole life. First just pastures, woods, fields, country roads. Then highways, cities, mountains, deserts--far from that Oklahoma farm. I rode horses in my childhood, Harleys in my wanderings. But no matter how far I traveled, no matter who I was on any given day--the Oklahoma Farm Girl was never far away. Hidden in my heart just waiting to reappear.