Sunday, April 29, 2012

I walk with Wolves...

Last night I walked through the snow surrounded by my constant companion, Great Grey, & we were joined by a large pack.  Through the snow we traveled - effortlessly - to a cabin we have visited before.  It is my home in a parallel Universe.  I haven't been to that forest in awhile.  The pack circled the cabin a few times before letting me know it was safe, undisturbed since our last visit.  There we rested by the fire & found comfort in our thoughts.  It was quiet, peaceful, & when we left I was refreshed.  

When I awake from one of these journeys I am always at peace.  I have been totally relaxed & peaceful since Friday when my weekend began.  I drove to a friend's house so that we could attend a concert together out of town.  The drive was beautiful - a perfect Spring soon to be Summer in Oklahoma.  The wind was blowing through the tall grasses & the waves reminded me of the ocean. The sun was shining brightly and a peace I only feel when I am on a beach engulfed me & my mind became very clear.  I now understand what I have heard from those who have reached a higher state of enlightenment & from mystics - I have been in a constant meditative state.  Amazing feeling.  With no effort I slip easily into a conscious state of mediation.  Been happening all weekend.  Mostly I am thought free, just aware & in tune with myself & all that is around me.  It is so cool that even my dogs feel it.  They will all three come & quietly lay on my lap or, as now, beside my chair.   They are all laying exactly the same - flat out on their bellys, legs extended, head between front paws.   And me, well I feel like I am in the middle of a meditation - breathing perfectly, relaxed, totally in the Now, tingling with Energy.

I have been recording thoughts since Friday to use in my writings.  Things I hear, things that pop into my head, epiphanies, ah ha moments.  To live totally in the Now with no thoughts of the Past or the Future is not an easy assignment.  We are all in a hurry to finish Today so we can move on to all of our Tomorrows.  But what is a tomorrow?  It is simply the Now that has arrived.  To live fully present in the moment is to have fully arrived.  The destination has been reached.  There is nothing else - only Now.  If we are not fully present Now we will miss so much.  What has past is Past.  It cannot be fixed or altered in any way.  It is like a small death.  It no longer exists in this reality.  The same is true of the Future.  It does not yet exist in this consciousness.  The Future has yet to be born.  Nothing we can do will hurry it to be born Today.  It will be born in its own time.  Now is what we should be fully experiencing.  There is so much to be lost by not living fully in the Moment.  Had I not been fully immersed in the Moment on Friday I would not have enjoyed the fabulous meal I shared with a dear friend, would have had only a superficial conversation over dinner not the in depth from my heart words that I spoke, would not have understood the beautiful imagery in the decor of the restaurant - the symbolic use of the element, would have missed the full impact of the music at the concert, would have missed the beautiful night of moon & stars as we drove home with the top down.  It was magical.  And Saturday was the same - a magical night of more music.  Of hearing the words to songs I have heard for decades but hearing them with new ears & finding new meaning.  If I were not fully present I would not have enjoyed such restful sleep with beautiful visions uninterrupted by cares or worries.  And today, fully engaged in living.  Each task was completed because I wanted to complete it.  No thought of the tasks for tomorrow.  Today was a combination of mundane tasks that took on beauty & beautiful tasks that enriched my Spirit.

My goal is to continue this stage of my Journey, to hear the voice that is leading me onward.  I have had my cards read a couple of times lately & the messages are always the same.  The Path is laid out & I must walk it onward toward my Destiny.  Yes, there are worldly things I must do in order to have the ability to walk my Path.  But I am beginning to see that the Path may, one day, be able to finance the Journey.  But that is Tomorrow & on Tomorrow I shall not dwell.  Today is a magical day filled with beauty, promise, & great peace.  Now is a blessed place to live!!

I wish for you, dear ones, to experience Now.  To live fully, to love unconditionally, & to understand your highest Purpose.  It is in your heart - Stop & Listen.  The Universe will reveal itself in its own time to you in your Now.

~~blessed be...