Friday, January 22, 2010

Envelope, please

And the winner is.....

Territory Mom


In honor of what would have been my brother's 53rd birthday on January 30th I have decided to extend the contest for another week.  So....

It's not too late to become a winner of a random selection of reading material.  Giveaway will be open for one week starting today until Midnight next Saturday, January 30th

Just leave me a comment telling about a favorite birthday memory or present you have received.


My favorite birthday memory was the first year I was in college.  My Mom (not known for doing something spectacular, especially for me) drove to my school & left a homemade Angel Food cake with pink frosting on my desk in my dorm room with a card.  I found it when I came back from class.  That memory still touches me & it was fun celebrating with cake to share with all my friends.  Way to go Mom!! Ya done good.

~~blessed be...

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thoughts, a challenge, a give-away

I saw an interview with Jim Moret, author of "The Last Day of my Life", on The Today Show & it got me thinking.  Mr. Moret was contemplating suicide & then began to think about what he would do if he had only 24 hrs to live.  Instead of dying, he wrote a book about the experience & how he would spend his last 24 hrs in this life.  I invisioned this as a very short, time specific bucket list.  Then in searching Amazon for the book I found a book called "The Ten  Best Days of My Life" by Adena Halpern. 

I had been thinking what would I do with my last 24 hrs.  Then I began to think about the 10 best days of my life.  They are both hard, but here goes:

I would spend the last 24 hrs of my life with my son, daughter-in-law, & grandchildren.  I would tell all my stories, make sure they really, really knew how much I love them & how they have shaped my life.  I would call everyone I love & tell them just how they had influenced my life, what gift they had given me that made my life better.  I would give away every possession I cherish to just the right person who would cherish it for their own reasons, i.e. a book that would strike a chord in someone's life, a piece of jewelry that would bring comfort, a painting or photograph that would bring beauty & enlightenment.  I would laugh, joke, tell stories, hug, & bless each person who has touched my life in any way at any time.  I would search my soul to be sure I had forgiven & asked forgiveness.  I would be thankful.

The 10 Best Days of My Life:

  • The day my son was born
  • The days my grandchildren were born (that counts as 3)
  • The day I met each member of my tribe & they became a part of my heart-family
  • The day I was given my totem because that has lead me on an amazing Journey of spiritual enlightenment & growth
  • The day I heard the audible voice of Great Spirit & changed my life
  • The day I stopped being afraid
  • The day I faced my demons
  • Today

My Bucket List will be much longer & I will post it at a later time.


My challenge to each of you is to take some time & think about these also.  I think you will learn alot about your authentic self by examining what is truly important & valuable in your personal life.  It may be surprising, but it will surely be enlightening.  I hope it opens a dialogue with yourself.


Now for the give-away (open from today until midnight CST on Monday, January 18th).  I have been thinking about doing this for quite sometime & had to get it all worked out in my mind as to what I would give away & why.  Here's the deal, post a comment on this blog (I do accept anonymous comments if you don't have a Google or Blogspot id.  Just be sure to sign your name) with one or all, if your prefer, of the following: 
  • One (1) of your best days & why
  • One (1) way you would spend your last 24 hrs & why
  • One (1) item from your Bucket List & why
Then, everyone's name will go in "the hat", a name will be drawn at random by an uninterested party, & after meditating over the winner I will, based on the vibes I get,
compile a selection of books & maybe some other item from my personal collection.   Winner or maybe winners based on how I am lead (& how many entries are received) after the first name is drawn will be posted here on January 21st.  If you win just send me an e-mail with your information & I will send your "goodies" off post haste.

Let the games begin!!

blessed be...