Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Thoughts, a challenge, a give-away

I saw an interview with Jim Moret, author of "The Last Day of my Life", on The Today Show & it got me thinking.  Mr. Moret was contemplating suicide & then began to think about what he would do if he had only 24 hrs to live.  Instead of dying, he wrote a book about the experience & how he would spend his last 24 hrs in this life.  I invisioned this as a very short, time specific bucket list.  Then in searching Amazon for the book I found a book called "The Ten  Best Days of My Life" by Adena Halpern. 

I had been thinking what would I do with my last 24 hrs.  Then I began to think about the 10 best days of my life.  They are both hard, but here goes:

I would spend the last 24 hrs of my life with my son, daughter-in-law, & grandchildren.  I would tell all my stories, make sure they really, really knew how much I love them & how they have shaped my life.  I would call everyone I love & tell them just how they had influenced my life, what gift they had given me that made my life better.  I would give away every possession I cherish to just the right person who would cherish it for their own reasons, i.e. a book that would strike a chord in someone's life, a piece of jewelry that would bring comfort, a painting or photograph that would bring beauty & enlightenment.  I would laugh, joke, tell stories, hug, & bless each person who has touched my life in any way at any time.  I would search my soul to be sure I had forgiven & asked forgiveness.  I would be thankful.

The 10 Best Days of My Life:

  • The day my son was born
  • The days my grandchildren were born (that counts as 3)
  • The day I met each member of my tribe & they became a part of my heart-family
  • The day I was given my totem because that has lead me on an amazing Journey of spiritual enlightenment & growth
  • The day I heard the audible voice of Great Spirit & changed my life
  • The day I stopped being afraid
  • The day I faced my demons
  • Today

My Bucket List will be much longer & I will post it at a later time.


My challenge to each of you is to take some time & think about these also.  I think you will learn alot about your authentic self by examining what is truly important & valuable in your personal life.  It may be surprising, but it will surely be enlightening.  I hope it opens a dialogue with yourself.


Now for the give-away (open from today until midnight CST on Monday, January 18th).  I have been thinking about doing this for quite sometime & had to get it all worked out in my mind as to what I would give away & why.  Here's the deal, post a comment on this blog (I do accept anonymous comments if you don't have a Google or Blogspot id.  Just be sure to sign your name) with one or all, if your prefer, of the following: 
  • One (1) of your best days & why
  • One (1) way you would spend your last 24 hrs & why
  • One (1) item from your Bucket List & why
Then, everyone's name will go in "the hat", a name will be drawn at random by an uninterested party, & after meditating over the winner I will, based on the vibes I get,
compile a selection of books & maybe some other item from my personal collection.   Winner or maybe winners based on how I am lead (& how many entries are received) after the first name is drawn will be posted here on January 21st.  If you win just send me an e-mail with your information & I will send your "goodies" off post haste.

Let the games begin!!

blessed be...


Territory Mom said...

All I can say is WOW!!!
Right at this moment one of my best days is when I heard and saw my son speaking to his horse. We had just come from speech therapy and it was rather discouraging. (We had previously been told that my son would never speak) Then when we got home my son rushed to his horse(with a fence between them) and started talking of course I couldn't understand him but it he spoke his own language and the his horse, Poncho nodded his head at my son. Poncho understood him and his speech therapist didn't. God spoke to me and said,"don't worry I have it under control". God is so good.

butterflies said...

One of the best days of my life was the day I met you with Dave.
We instantly clicked and became family and the heart love was like a lightning bolt!
We went to Dannys and danced and laughed and listened to Miss Amy and the Sho'nuff Blues Band. One of those days that lasted well into the night:)
Its a day I will treasure forever...and day that could have only been designed and set up by the Great Creator..
Love yu xoxox