Thursday, December 31, 2009

We'll tip a cup of kindness...

For Auld Lang Syne

As 2009 comes rapidly to an end & the promise of 2010 looms on the horizon, I stop and reflect on all the wonder that has been the past year.  New friends, reconnecting with old friends, moving on, moving forward, really hungering for a more peaceful, enlightened, purposeful life.  Now, with less than 3 hrs before the New Year rings in, I am drawn to reflection.   I did not accomplish all that I wanted, but I will accomplish more in the new year.  I may never accomplish all that I want before my life in this world ends, but so long as I Ieave each day better than I found it I will be satisfied. 

I find myself hearing the words that have been spoken to me by psychics "You are a healer" & I think of the saying "Physician heal thyself".  That is what I have been doing, healing myself for several years now.  I hope that in that time & with the example of my own healing I have healed others in some way.   It has taken me many years to fully understand that prophecy of healing.  At one time I thought it might mean the laying on of hands kind of healing.  It did not & I was ok with that.  I really believe it means the kind of healing that comes from truly  listening to others, feeling their pain, accepting them without judgement, & having true compassion for their plight.  I have walked so many roads in my Journey that it is not hard to place myself in the shoes of another & to have understanding, compassion, & acceptance.  I know how much heartache can come from just living your life, but I know that no matter the pain the joy makes it all worthwhile.  Joy that comes in the simple everyday parts of life.  The smile of a child, the voice of a loved one, a touch, a glance, a chance encounter that changes the course of your day & sometimes even your life.  

So, I look forward to 2010 with great anticipation.  I really don't make resolutions.  They always seemed so shallow in some way.  But, as I said earlier today, I will strive to "dance" every day.  Dance in my heart, let my Spirit dance freely, dance around my house.  I will do this to honor a life cut short because I still live & live is what he would want me to do.  Live fully, live freely, live with purpose, but mostly live with great love & love with complete abandon.

"Life may not be what we expected, but we can still dance"...anonymous



blessed be...


Territory Mom said...

Wow, I'm am going to be more relaxed. I envy people that are very laid backed. I'll dance more too. Thanks for sharing.

Ravn... said...

Happy newyear!