Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Random Fact #5

Random Fact #1 -- I was a cocktail waitress in Nevada
Random Fact #2 -- I was married to a professional gambler
Random Fact #3 -- I am multi-racial

Random Fact #4 -- I graduated from college in 3 yrs


Random Fact #5 -- I am an actress.  Yep, I actually had a supporting role in an independent film shot in Dale, OK . 

Outsiders Productions is an OK film company founded by Adam Hampton & Jason Alexander.  They were film students at ECU & one day I saw an interview with them in the school newspaper.  They were still looking to cast the part of the lead characters step-mother.  Well, I was the right age, I have a drama degree, & at the time I was going through my brother's last year of life in the world.  I needed to find something to do that was just for me.  Something that took my mind off all that was going on in my life at the time.  So, I called them up & auditioned.  I had such a blast working on this project.  They guys delivered the rough cut to me just weeks before Dave died.  He was so excited to see his big sis on film.  So he got to see me act before he left for his next adventure.  After "Looking for Hope"  I did some extra work with a small speaking part for Outsiders in the film "Bowlin Alley" shot in Ada, OK at the local bowling alley.  Very funny film &, again, I had a blast working with these talented young people.  Who knows, maybe they will have another part for me one day.  In the meantime, I have the DVD to leave to my grandkids.  I also did a short film at ECU for one of the film students called "The Widows Club".  It is a very dark comedy.  Again, such fun to do the part.

So, I sometimes think about getting involved again with theater, but I really prefer the film genre.  I enjoy the process of filming, being able to look at the dailies & critique my work before it is finalized.  Will I ever aggresively pursue an acting career?  No, but it is fun to get outside yourself & be someone else once in a while.  I found so much in my own life to draw on for the character of Gretta in "Looking for Hope".  It was a creative outlet to get rid of some baggage.  Plus it was just fun.  We filmed in the rain, cold, heat, inside, outside.  But I loved the process.  I really need to get back in touch with those guys.  See what they have going on.

Oh,  BTW I think this is funny.  When I was traveling to Seattle every three months to spend time with my then fiance (and working on "Looking for Hope" at the time), I flew in one evening with Lobo in tow (he was just 6 months old & my only furkid at the time) & met Big Guy curbside outside of baggage claim.  As we were leaving there was very little traffic (quite unusual for SeaTac) & he commented that there was huge traffic jam getting into the airport so he was surprised that we were just flying out with no problems.  I laughed as I was putting on my shades & said "Dodged the paparazzi once again".

blessed be...

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