Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Home Place

The house that built me was not the house that I shared with my parents. The house that built me belonged to my Granddaddy & my Nanny. Those of you who are Southern & Country understand the term "the homeplace." It's the place where your roots are buried deep. It's the place where you felt like you were truly home. Safety, security, love, warmth - the homeplace.
Mine is a small farmhouse on a dairy farm. 200 acres of barns, fields, Jersey cows, dirt, pastures, ponds, woods - they all make up the homeplace. Anytime I was back in Oklahoma I would drive out to the farm my family no longer owns. I would sit in the driveway & look at the house, the dairy barn & let the memories take me back. I could see it all again. The dairy up & running, cows in the fields, hear the John Deere tractor off in a hay field, see my Nanny working in the garden, & a blond haired blued-eyed girl lying in the grass watching the clouds drift by.
Sometimes I would get out of the car & walk around a bit. Took alot of pictures one day. I would always touch the ground & feel the life of that place flow through me once again. I have always & will always belong to that land. There are the happy memories of my childhood.
Yep, that house built me. The values I learned there have stayed with me for over 5 decades. I can still hear the voices of my grandparents. I can still see them even though they have been gone from this world for many years. My Granddaddy died when I was 16, my Nanny when I was in my mid-30's (on my birthday). But they are never far from my thoughts or my heart. For they, perhaps more than anyone else, helped shape the woman I am today. I was cherished in that house. I was valuable in that house. I was loved, respected, & taught so much in that house.
No matter how far we travel our raising wins out. Mine has as I get older & am once again drawn toward the house that built me. It is time to hold that soil that was farmed by my family in my hand once again, it is time to look at the fields, remember learning to milk a cow, gathering vegetables from the garden, running across fields free with a border collie by my side. Waterboy is buried on that land. He was my first dog, & he is the reason I love dogs. He was the smartest dog I ever knew. He was a joy to watch working cattle. He lived to be 20. He was in my life from my birth & I mourned his passing when I was not quite in my teens.
The Homeplace. The house that built me. To quote another country song "the roots of my raisin' run deep". I hope you, too, have a home place. A place where all that is good about you was built.
~~blessed be...


Su-sieee! Mac said...

Your voice blows me away. This morning I drove by one of the houses that built me. It no longer looks like the house where I grew from a 10 year old to a young adult. Still, I can see in my mind my parents' vegetable garden in the back, the few stock animals they raised, me laying on the lawn, reading next to my dog, and me hanging up on the rooftop watching the sunset. Thank you.
Su-sieee! Mac
This and That. Here and There. Now, Sometimes Then.

Territory Mom said...

Hello friend,
This is so beautiful. This is so strange I have been wanting to do a post similar to this but didn't want to hurt family's feelings. I think I will sit in the grass with my kids today looking at the clouds. Thank you!!!

Prairiemaid said...

Have you been reading my mind? Your post speaks directly to my heart! Thank you, so much.

My "home place" was north of Okemah. How I love/loved that place. How I loved the people who occupied that place.

My sister and I went back a few years ago, during one of her trips home. I was amazed at how much smaller the house looks now and some of the changes. But when I got out of the car and started walking to the pond, the smell of the dirt, the weeds, the all carried be back to another time, as if time had slipped backwards through the decades.

Thanks for a great post!

May your week be filled with blessings!

EmptyNester said...

I love the way you write...I could see and feel everything! New follower from Over 40!

Mimi said...

What a great post. I'm so glad I stoppy by from Over 40!


Deanna said...

This song means so much to me and I love your blog entry. If I could go back in time and never leave my house that I grew up..... oh the memories..... Keep up the great work...