Monday, August 3, 2009

I'm baaaack!!!

Well, it has been awhile. I have been in the new house for a week now. I got all the laundry done this weekend, the spare bedroom is done, my office is done, the bathrooms are done, the living room is liveable, the kitchen was done but now I have more stuff to put away. So, I have a few more boxes to unpack, the kitchen to straighten again, put away the rest of my books (found a neat little bookcase on the curb in the neighborhood this morning & I needed another one-Yippeee!), get the dining room together & I am done. Who would have thought that after 3 times of downsizing I would still have so much STUFF?!?!?! I will post pictures of the house just as soon as I complete the unpacking. It is so nice to have the washer & dryer in the garage not to mention the joy of having an attached garage. Plus no flooded garage when it rains.

Sparky found the problem with the Yardbug (my small riding mower), broken shifter cable. That is why it was stuck in neutral. Good thing, that way we were able to ascertain that after cleaning the carborator, changing the oil, & spark plug as well as putting on a new tire it still runs after sitting for a year. We were able to check it out by finally manually shifting it via the control box into forward & I got to run around the yard a bit. We went online, ordered the part, & after the comment from Sparky, "you're probably not going to change it so might as well ship it to my house" we finalized the order & the part should be on its way to SPARKY this week. I wasn't gonna change it. Why does he think I have him in my life anyway?!?!?!?! LOL

This is the other funny thing. Sparky, in the beginning of our latest adventure together-3+ yrs ago now (9yrs off & on totally)-was not too enamoured with "the boys". Dogs LOVE him BTW. He is just one of those people that dogs think are cool. Mine puppy pounch on him continually & sit on him while we watch TV, trying to sneak in the occasional kiss not to mention hugs. Anywho...he has come to love the pupsters. He talks to them, plays with them, & evidently worries about them. Zane has been somewhat off his food since the move. Plus he has been bullying Scrappy again. We won't talk about the fact the little scum bit me a few weeks ago because I think that was as much my fault as his & he was shocked it happened too. But, I digress. Last night Sparky called & informed me that if Zane did not get back to his usual chowhound persona, I should take him to the vet 'cause he might be sick. I agreed. I just found it so cute that the Sparkman would be looking out for Zane the Magnificant (he named Zane that BTW). I think Zane is his favorite if the truth be known.

Other good news-I went to Sonic for a drink Fri night & when I came home my yard was being mowed. So I, of course, asked if they were at the wrong house. Come to find out, the Chickasaw Nation is mowing it because it is part of their program for their Senior Citizens (my landlord is Chickasaw). He told them to go ahead & continue to mow it. So, every two weeks through Sept. my yard work will be done for FREE. I am a blessed woman!! May not have my CDIB card, but the Nation is taking care of my yard. Maybe they will do so next year also.

The boys have learned to use the doggy door. Only thing is, they think it only works one-way--IN. I have to open the door to let them out. If I leave the doggy door accessable when they are out, they tend to come in then want right back out. Just like kids-in & out, in & out. So, I only open it when it is time for them to come in. They absolutely love the new backyard. It is HUGE! They have a new doggy friend behind us, Umbri, who is just about their size & looks to be a pug mix. Next door is the cutest apricot poodle (we don't know her name yet) but she likes to have fence races, too, so I don't think Lobo will miss Kiki (his former fence racing girlfriend) too much. LOL!

Thanks to the outstanding job done by the young lady I hired to clean the old house, I got my full deposit back. I figured that after paying for the cleaning, the guys who helped with the move, & renting the carpet cleaning machine I actually came out about $200 to the good. Not bad!

Well, guess that about catches everyone up on my adventure in moving (remember when that was U-hauls slogan???). My boss is on vacation this week so I just might get some posting done all week. We shall see.

blessed be...