Sunday, May 22, 2011


Last night I dreamed that I was with a very large group of people who seemed to be trying to help someone else.  At one point there was a large group of us gathered around a table for a meal & we were talking about how to best help this other person.  At some point, the person we were there to interact with came in & immediately began to verbally attack us.  Wanted us off his property, didn't want us talking to his family, etc.  During the conversation with my "group"  I had been talking about shape shifting - changing from myself into my totem.  I have always been interested in shape shifting but had never associated it with becoming my totem.  My totem has been with me since childhood & often comes to me in my dreams, in meditation, during Reiki, & in my everyday life.  I see him often.  Sometimes I see his pack.  But the Great Grey Wolf is always beside me.  The only time he has not been with me was when I sent him to Afghanistan with a friend's son who was serving there.  When the soldier came home safely, my totem returned to me but that young man is forever a part of my Tribe & has wolf medicine around him if he will call on it for help & guidance.

But, back to my dream.  As I have thought about it this morning, I know that the dream signifies the changes that are occuring in me with regard to becoming more in tune with my gifts.  I know it signifies a shifting of energy within me.  I also know that the person who was angry & throwing us off his property signifies that these shifts in energy & my expanding Enlightenment scare some people.  They are threatened by it because they do not understand it.  Also, because there was a group of like-minded people with me & I know it signifies the people with whom I am now coming in contact.  People who are also feeling the "shift" around us.  A growing conciousness of that which is greater, a shift of energy that is coming rapidly that will effect our Planet, our understanding of all that is unseen by human eyes, but that can be seem by Spiritual eyes.  That which is being revealed all around us to seerers, psychics, New Agers, seekers, teachers, Spiritual practitioners.  I believe that is what the Mayan Calendar is speaking of - a shift in energy, a shift in enlightenment, a shift in understanding that shift is being revealed to me & it came to me in my dream as a desire to become a Shape Shifter.

From Wikipedia:  Shapeshifting is a common theme in mythology and folklore as well as in science fiction and fantasy. In its broadest sense, it is when a being has the ability to alter its physical appearance. The transformation may be purposeful or not, depending on whether it has been the subject of a curse or spell. In some folklore, once the shapeshifter has become transformed, it becomes progressively more difficult for it to return to its original form.

From  Silver Shadow Wolf's webpage
There are two types of shapeshifting. One is where you meet your Power Animal and become one with it on the astral level. The other is where the Native Americans believed that you can change your physical form on the earth plane. Shamans are said to be able to change their physical self into their Power Animal thus becoming one. Some humans have been known to become possessed by their animal spirit and although they may not 'become' that animal, their bodies and voices take on their Power Animal features.

I have been told many times that I have "Wolf Eyes"  I know Great Grey & I have been connected on the astral level since I was 9 or 10.  In the past 15-20 yrs we have been becoming increasingly more connected on the physical level.  I think this dream was a confirmation that as my energy shifts I will begin to possess more & more of Great Grey's characteristics.  I already have many of them.  I am deeply loyal, I value teamwork, I am deeply tied to my Tribe (my Pack), once a relationship is damaged I do not trust that person again, I am solitary at times, I am comfortable observing without being seen, I know my terrain well, & I can travel miles without breaking stride (figuratively as well as physically).  

So, my shape is shifting.  My energy is shifting.  My Life is shifting.  Great Grey will be with me every step of the way guiding, protecting, walking beside me.  We are each other's Spiritual Alpha. 

The Journey continues as the Path becomes clearer!!

~~blessed be...


Kittie Howard said...

Great post! Shapeshifting is prevelent in India's mythology/folklore...I think you'd enjoy Christy's blog, Koda's Totems.

Out of My Mind said...

Although I found this post very interesting. I am familiar with the mythological concept of shapeshifting I found it difficult to apply this to what I have become, an avid Christian.

However, I also have read about many of the spiritual beliefs of the Native Americans and I see a definite parallel. Even though I have chosen my path, I am certainly not the one to decide which path is best.


Kim Bee said...

Found you on the over 40 page. Thought I'd pop by and say hello. Feel free to pop by if you get a chance. Kim

Out of My Mind said...

Ok....this has gone on long enough. Get back on you blogging horse and write! I miss you.........kt

kt said...

At least let me know you are OK........kt