Friday, June 5, 2009

Journey-The Great Adventure of Life

“Our birth is but a sleep and a forgetting;
The soul that rises with us or life’s star,
Has had elsewhere its setting,
And cometh from afar,
Not in entire forgetfulness,
And not in utter nakedness,
But railing clouds of glory,
do we come
From God,
who is our home.”
~William Wordsworth (1770-1850)
Found this quote today on She has a very thought-provoking post on reincarnation with wonderful eclectic quotes.
Before reading the above blog this morning, I had been thinking alot yesterday & this morning about why we meet the people we meet. Why do certain people come into our lives? Why do some stay forever & some only for a Season? Why do some people pass on by? Why is there an instant connection to some people when we meet? Why is there an instant connection to people we meet in the cyber world?
My own thoughts on this are that it is all a part of the Journey. Sometimes it is not necessarily our Journey but the Journey of the other person. We have chosen, I believe, to leave our Spiritual Home & take human form in order to learn predetermined lessons that we choose while still in Spirit form. It is, I believe, a part of our becoming more enlightened. I believe we make pacts with other Spirits to meet on this plane of existance in order to further our Journey/learning, their Journey/learning, or both of our Journey/Purposes. The really cool part is that we don't remember any of this. So we have these really terrific ahhh haaa moments during our Journey. We meet someone & we begin talking just like we have been together for all of our lives. That instant connection where we know each other. I am always amazed & so very blessed when these happen. I know they are a gift from not only Great Spirit, but from my true past. i have met a long-lost friend.
I know that when my Purpose here is finished I will return to Spirit form & return Home. There I will assess all that I experienced in this incarnation. I will decide if I still have more to learn. I will decide if I want to return again, reincarnated once more. That is, I believe, why we meet and/or observe some people who seem to be so highly evolved. They have brought all their previous knowledge with them & are expanding on it once more.
My Journey has been a rocky one. Sometimes I ask myself "If I chose this, why did I choose to have this birth family, these experiences?" Then I know that it is to learn more about myself &, sometimes, to help others through their struggles. To evolve into a more tolerant, understanding, loving, compassionate, in tune, in touch person. Then I meet someone who touches me so deeply & I know I am on the right path...for me.
In my travels, I have met people from places I used to live. Why didn't I meet them there? Because it was not the right time, not time for the lesson I, or they needed, to learn. I have one friend that I have known for 42 yrs. We have been in & out of touch throughout those years. For many of those years our timing seemed to be "off" & we could not sustain being together (he was my first love, my first kiss, & I have always thought my truest love), we would live in the same state, the same city but never at the same time. Then for several years we were together. He was with me when my beloved brother died. I could not have gotten through that time without his take charge attitude in making all the calls that needed to be made to friends & family. He was my strength in those days, weeks, & months that followed. Then, again, we could not sustain being together. Our lives were in different places, literally.
Sparky spoke at my brother's funeral because Dave requested he do so. It was beautiful & I wish it has been recorded, but the part that stuck with me was when he said "This is just another time where I won't see Dave for awhile". That was the theme of his rememberance. They had run the roads together in high school, then not seen each other for years, then one day a cop waved at Sparky. Then another day, a cop in a squad car waved at Sparky & he realized it was Dave. Then they saw each other here & there for years. Then Sparky & I were together & we spent alot of time with Dave. Then we broke up & they went back to waving at each other. Then Dave was terminal & Sparky spent alot of time at the house visiting, remembering, laughing, planning with him.
And, now, Sparky & I are together once more. This was his choice & I chose to take a chance on him again. But, I definately laid down some ground rules ~smiles~ For a reason that still has not yet been revealed to me, we are in each other's lives. We grew up together, then did not see each other for over 20 yrs. He never crossed my mind, just a boy from my hometown. Then mutual friends fixed us up. We were together for several years. He called "stop". I moved on, he moved on. Then, after Dave died, he began calling now & then. Just checking on me. Then we got back together. There is a Purpose in all this. I know that he thinks I am smart, funny. I also know he agrees with some of my beliefs, but while he never says so he also thinks some of my beliefs are "cracked" & I believe I sometimes make him uncomfortable with what I rally toward. Sometimes I am talking about something I am passionate about & he gets real quiet & changes the subject. Sometimes he asks more questions. Mostly, it is the change the subject ploy. But, hey, I don't go for all he believes either. He is a good man, but not highly evolved in tolerance & acceptance. He can be such a red-neck sometimes. Then he can totally surprise me with his views & how liberal he can think/believe. He has his "stuff". But, I just keep being me. Will we be in each other's lives forever? Only Great Spirit knows for sure. I'm just taking it a day at a time, 'cause who knows where the wind may blow me next. We both probably have lessons to learn from each other. It is an interesting ride.
So, for me, this Life is not a destination, but it is a Journey & a great Adventure toward knowing so much about myself & others. I am so in awe of the serendipity, the synchronicity of it all. I have learned not to question "Why?" because ultimately it will be revealed to me in one way or another-on this or the Other Side. The death of human form is not the end, but only the beginning of another Journey, another Great Adventure. Our Spirits never die, they live on through eternity as they always have & as they always will. This is the great equalizer--we are all the same, we come from the same energy, we were made by the same Great Spirit, we struggle to find new understanding of the Journey in this life so that we can go Home to share all that we have learned with those who choose not to leave our blessed Home.
In closing, in the true words of my sister-friend, the sister of my heart, Butterflies---"There are not coincidences"
blessed be...