Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My Tribe just got bigger...

Saturday, June 6, 2009 heralded the arrival of new friends. New from the standpoint we had never met in person before. Old friends because we know each other through our blogs. How we all "found" each other is amazing. Tim found me through one of my friend's blogs based on a comment I left. Then I found Tim. Through Tim & JenX (another OK blogger that wasn't able to meet with everyone until Sunday-sadly I could not be there), whom I found through Tim I found Barry. Then Barry found me. Or at least this is how we all think it happened. Notheless, we all had an amazing connection. So for many months now we have been blogging back & forth, leaving comments for each other. Then, happiness of all happiness, I found out that Barry & Rhonda were coming to OKC for Red Earth. They had been invited by Tim for the visit. So, after e-mails back & forth with Tim we decided to meet at my old stomping grounds, The Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur (I was born & raised in Sulphur). We met at the Nature Center on Saturday afternoon. As I have shared with Barry, it was, for me, like going home. When I hugged each of them I knew, just knew, we were connected on some higher level. It was like we had been apart for awhile & were now back together. We had the most comfortable conversations. We walked, wadded, drove around, took pictures, & just shared our lives. I think we sat for three hours eating & talking. Good thing we were in a convenience store/bar-b-que place or we just might have closed the place down. LOL

As is tradition with me, they each now possess a wolf totem. My Tribe is the family of my heart/my Spirit, connected through the ages. Destiny allowed us to find each other, destiny brought us together. There is a purpose to our connection. Do I know what it is or why it is? No. But I do believe we made this decision to find each other while our Spirits were dwelling on the Other Side. Somehow, somewhere, sometime we would again connect to fulfull promises made a very long time ago. The time is right. The time is Now. We are, once again, together. Connected through the ages by lessons we decided to come here to learn, promises we made in our Spirit form. Where will the Journey lead us? Only Time & Great Spirit can tell us. All I know right now is that I am a very blessed woman.

blessed be...

Tim, Me, & Barry

Barry & Rhonda -- Spokane, WA