Saturday, November 26, 2011

and it was revealed...

Many times during meditation, Healing Circle, & Full Moon Meditation I feel this way - I can feel a large ball of energy between my palms.  It is the coolest feeling to have the energy radiating from my fingers & palms, growing larger as I move my hands farther from each other.  Just such an amazing feeling.

Speaking of amazing feelings.  Went to a wonderful gathering of my Reiki group on 11/11/11.  Very powerful chanting & meditation.  Then the following morning several of us went to the Psychic Fair in Lewisville, TX.  What a wonderful experience!!  Beautiful little shop filled with all kinds of wonderous books, crystals, stones, etc.  And the readers,WOW, so many enlightened, gifted individuals in one place.  I had two readings done.  One was my Tarot cards.  I had no specific questions, just wanted to see what the cards had to tell me.  It was amazing.  First card pulled was the wish card, then the Divine card.  The rest had good messages also, but those two were so cool.  Basically, I have to be careful what I wish for because I can have it.  Also, I am Divinely protected at all times.  I have been through the worst of it & now I walk in the Light of the Divine at all times.  I am protected always.  Also, there are changes coming in a relationship.  Either the relationship I am in is going to drastically change or  I will enter into  new one.  Whichever it is, there will be great passion, an intense, beautiful experience that will last.  My health will be good, my career will be successful.  2012 will be a very good year.  I just have to take care of myself, be kind to myself, I am on the Path toward my true Destiny.  Was warned to not get too entrenched in my solitary life, to be around like-minded individuals.  Told me I have been a healer, that I am still a healer & to embrace that gift.  So I was lead to Reiki, I am supposed to use the Energy of the Universe to help others.  Also, the cards told me that the New Moon would be a very powerful time for me.  Told me to light a white candle & wish for 10 things.  Last night was the New Moon.  So I lit my candle, wrote down my wishes, prayed over them, then burned the paper & sent the ashes into the Universe.  I know they will be handled & granted appropriately.  It was a very good reading. 

The second reading was a Past Life reading.  I, again, asked no specific questions just wanted to see what the cards had to tell me.  So, I spoke my name 3 times over the cards & cut them.  I had a couple of expectations in mind that I thought might come up & I had some apprehension about karmatic baggage.  Was amazed at the cards.  I was Templar Knight.  I was judgemental, lived the doctrine of the Crusades fully, believed completely in the Catholic Church, lived a celibate life, lived a solitary life.  Then the Crusades ended & many of the Knights had families, loved ones to whom they returned since they had not lived the celibate, solitary life for which I had harshly judged them.  I had no family, no loved ones, no career beyond a Knight.  So, I sank into poverty, a lonely, solitary life.  I became ill.  I was found & cared for by a Pagan woman who showed me how to live in harmony with Nature, who taught me tolerance, who showed me the Way of Acceptance of others.  She changed my life & allowed me to change.  I died with no negativity, no karmatic baggage.  Everything a taken care of in that Life.  I fulfilled that Destiny.

As the reader was telling me all this I felt it all, I saw it all, tears came to my eyes.  And it all became so clear in why I had some of the challenges I did in this Life.  Why I was drawn to some of what I was - I converted to Catholicism in my late 20's, in my 40's I began to be drawn to Wicca, in my 30-40's I became more tolerant, more accepting, my Totem revealed himself to me very clearly (he has been with me since childhood), & I began to question the belief system I had been raised with, I stopped being judgemental, I found a peace I had never known.  I began my Journey toward Enlightenment & began walking the Path I have now been on for a couple of decades.  My Journey became very important & I hungered for the knowledge I came here to find.  I began to know I had been here before, several times, & I wanted to know why I had chosen to come here again, why I chose the challengs, why I chose the family.  Then on 11/12/11 it all came together for me.  I know I am exactly where I need to be, I am on the right Path, I am one with the Universe, & I have no karma that must be "fixed".  It was a freeing experience.  I am safely at Home in this Life.  It all makes sense.  It makes since why I have some distinctly masculine attributes.  Why sometimes I feel as if I am seeing the World through masculine eyes.  I now feel comfortable with the masculine/feminine that make me, me.  I can now embrace the ying & the yang.   I know why I am drawn to it all.  I know that I can meld all my beliefs into a whole.   It is good to feel that I have followed the Path in this Life to the place where I now dwell, & that I am where I am supposed to be, who I am supposed to be.

So, dear ones, I am a Seeker as I have always been.   I continue to Journey with the Great Grey Wolf by my side, the Universe, the Angels, the Guides, & Mother God, Father God, All That Is by my side.  I have only to ask & what I seek shall be shown. 

I bless each of you today & every day!!  I wish you well on your own Journey.  I pray your Path will be easy, & the Way revealed to you.  I pray you find what you seek.

Until we meet again-

~~blessed be... 

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