Monday, October 20, 2008


The above is Sanskrit & means "A Beautiful Mistake". There are no mistakes in life, just opportunites for growth, learning, & humility. If we see each so called mis-step as an opportunity then life & the living of it will take on a whole new perspective. Sometimes we spend alot of time on "if only, "what if", "coulda, shoulda, whoulda", etc. Each twist & turn of life is an experience we have chosen-some more conscious than others, but still chosen. We, I believe, choose our time to leave our Spirit Home & have a human experience here, we choose the experiences we will have here as a way to grow & become more enlightened on our journey of self-awareness. We also leave this life when our work is done. Do we choose our time to die? I'm not sure, but I do know we do not stay here one moment past the time all of our work is done. That is the cycle of Life, Death, Re-birth. From Spiritual being, to having a Human experience, to completion of our Work, to our return Home once again in Spirit form. I know in my heart that we are ever-living beings full of energy (call it Soul) who have lived & will continue to live forever. As I have said before-Death is not the end, but another new beginning. We go Home to share our experiences & the lessons learned.

Beautiful mistakes--oh my!! I have had my share. Some were so much more beautiful than the others, but from them all I have become the woman I am today. I have shed my skin several times in rebirths & reinventions of myself until I have become the woman I believe I was meant to be-a woman I really like. I am much more loving, tolerant, understanding, compassionate, & informed than I was when I left Smalltown, OK so very many years ago. I have lived so many lives in those years-traveled so many miles. It has been an amazing journey...& it it continues.

I was once so narrow minded, so closed off. Now I embrace the differences in everyone. I see people through their hearts not their skin or orientation or political views. I think I see the real person now. I accept, embrace, & love the differences I find in others. Through those differences I find out things about myself & it challenges my belief system. Sometimes it even helps me to change a belief or fine tune a thought. I love those challenges. I found many such experiences in the bigger cities in which I have lived, but I am finding them here also. I am also finding opportunities to voice what I have learned, what I have come to believe. Maybe, just maybe my voice will help someone else to grow, to think, to learn, to question & to find his/her own true voice. Inside each of our belief systems is the "gray area" that area that we thought was so black & white--that is until we take a situation & put ourself there as a participant not an onlooker. Then the perspective starts to change. Then we see the other person's view. Then we grow. Then we become more compassionate, more tolerant, less judgemental.

Reflect on your own Beautiful Mistakes. Challenge yourself today!

Blessed be...


mamabear said...

I forgot to tell you that I mailed your package on Friday. You should get it sometime early this week.
Have a great week!


JenX67 said...

Wow. Some people never make it to this beautiful vantage point - seeing the human and not the trappings. Regards from a fellow Oklahoma blogger.