Monday, October 13, 2008


Monday, Monday -can't trust that day...

Rainy Days & Mondays always make me...

But today Monday means I am a winner!! Over at Mama Bear's Den (you can access her blog through my favorites) was a give-away drawing for some really cute fall items plus CHOCOLATE (every woman's favorite). Well, low & behold I won. Go figure. Thanks!! Dawn--your blog is always so much fun. Visit Dawn sometime. She is a homeschooling Mom of two beautiful young people who just moved to one of my favorite places on earth--Oregon!!

It is snowing in Montana-3 feet in the mountains so far-- guess I am glad to still be in OK. The trees are just starting to turn in my part of OK. Should be really lovely in a week or so. Rain predicted for tonight through Tuesday. It is Fall after all.

Visited with Mom & Pops Saturday. They have so much stuff after combining their households that some of it just has to go. So...Mom volunteered me to run their yard sale next weekend. Living an hour away makes it quite an adventure. But we are organized, they have their instructions for the week, & I will be there next weekend to get that stuff moved outta there. Money, money, money!! LOL!
New job is going good. In this economy, I just feel so very blessed to have a good paying job. It will allow me to get caught up from the weeks I was out of work &, hopefully, start getting a little put aside. We shall see.
Thinking alot this weekend about changing my life some more. I no longer correspond or talk to Big Guy. That just finally ran its course. Had a real awakening one night when we were talking that the conversations weren't adding anything positive to my life. In fact, they were just adding to the stress. So, I told him we need a break. But, for me, the break will be permanent.
Sparky & I still see each other & talk daily. But, that relationship is not adding any value to my life either--not emotionally or romantically at least. I still have some trouble totally trusting hime after our "weird" breakup of several years ago. So, I will continue to evaluate the situation, but I know in my heart it is coming to an end. He is a good man & has been such a big help to me over the last couple of years, but you cannot stay in something that doesn't make you happy & that is going nowhere just out of a sense of obligation. Didn't stay in my marriages for that reason so sure cannot stay in a "dating" thing that will never be anything else for that reason. Much to ponder, much to decide. I'm in a rut & must get out. Send me good vibes!!
So this week I will be figuring out my options!
Blessed be....


Bigg said...

Honey, you get all the good vibes I can send you. Sorry to hear about the way things are going with the guys... But I'm glad to hear it's not snowing yet where you are!

Wife, Mom, and Slave said...

From one Okie to another, much love! You are in my thoughts and prayers. I can completely relate to the man problems. Be patient and don't settle. Thanks for checking out my blog! Our Sooners didn't do so well this weekend but O State played a fantastic game! Hope you have a great week and enjoy fall there because you don't miss it until you leave it!

butterflies said...

Hi my sister..
Yep I agree that you will have to do something.Tho as you said the relationship with Big guy ran its course,maybe it will with Sparky too..We have talked about it a lot.
Same thing is happening to me with you know who..Big doubts and I cant see it lasting but who knows?
I keep busy and try not to think about the future too much..after all,we only have today.
Hope the yard sale is a great success..say hi to your Mum from me.
Love you!!!

ravn said...

I got curious from reading your coments in other bloggs..I like how u always end with "blessed be"
Thats so sweet..