Thursday, October 30, 2008

My favorite poet

Touched by an Angel

We, unaccustomed to courage
exiles from delight
live coiled in shells of loneliness
until love leaves its high holy temple
and comes into our sight to liberate us into life.
Love arrives and in its train come ecstasies
old memories of pleasure
ancient histories of pain.
Yet if we are bold, love strikes away the chains of fear from our souls.
We are weaned from our timidity
In the flush of love's light we dare be brave
And suddenly we see that love costs all we are and will ever be.
Yet it is only love which sets us free.

Maya Angelou

Blessed be...


Ravn... said...

Beautiful..thank u for shareing! :)

butterflies said...

Its beautiful and so true.
Love DOES set us gives us hope and strength too and makes us go through our days with a smile on our face.
I love YOU my sister xoxo