Tuesday, February 17, 2009


"There is more hunger for love and
appreciation in this world than for bread."
- Mother Teresa

I have found this to be so true in my own life. While I have never been belly swelling hungry, I have hungered for love & appreciation. Mostly from my birth family. I always think of the line from On Golden Pond where Jane Fonda's character says "I didn't think we were mad at each other, I just didn't think we liked each other very much". That is exactly the way I felt about my Dad. Didn't have a relationship even though my parents were married 35 yrs until my Daddy died. He was just a person who lived in the house & I spent most of my time being invisable so my parents wouldn't notice me. I was a very good student, never got in trouble, followed the rules, teachers loved me, & I never rocked the boat at home. The one or two times that I did were disasterous. So, two weeks after I graduated from high school I started college. I only came home when there was no other option & I married the first guy who asked. Then I began the search for his love & appreciation. Whatever he gave me was never enough because my own personal well was so dry. It took many years, a disasterous 2nd marriage, & much therapy to find out how to love myself. I have learned to nurture the little girl who had such hunger. She is peaceful now & so am I.

Blessed be...


jenx67 said...

i bet many people can relate to this.

jenx67 said...

uh, it only posted half my comment. i must have deleted part of it. what i was saying is - the more we bear witness to our past, the more i think we give people courage to bear witness to their own. i really related to something in this post, but am not ready to talk about it yet. maybe someday.

butterflies said...

Although I am a lot more peaceful and content with who I am now,Im still lonely...
Its a lifetime trip huh??
Maybe our old age is helping us;)
Love you my sister x0x0x