Saturday, March 7, 2009

Me & my Boys

These are my furbabies:
From left to right
  1. Lobo, whose official AKC name is Murray's Outlaw Jesse Lobo. He is named Lobo in honor of my Totem (Outlaw after his Dad & Jesse after his Mom) & I have had him since he was 7 wks old (he is now almost 4 1/2 yrs). He is a Miniature Schnauzer & I got him from a police officer friend who served with my brother. She breeds Mini Schnauzers & I was over at her house shortly after Lobo's litter was born. I fell in love with the puppies & I put a hold on one. When I went to pick up my puppy this other little bundle of joy kept hopping up to get my attention. When I picked him up & held him I looked at Kathy & said "This is the one". Lobo picked me & he was just the right furbaby for me. Lobo is the perpetual puppy (I think he has the Peter Pan syndrome - I'll never grow up), always running & playing. Can find his favorite toy no matter where I put it. It's funny to hear him digging through the toybox. He sleeps curled up against my stomach every night & has since the first night I brought him home.
  2. Zane, who is lovingly known as Bubba Zane, Little Man, Zaney Dog, & most recently dubbed by Sparky as Zane the Magnificent because his bandana from the doggy salon was a little large & kept going backward over his back & looked very much like a cape, especially when he was running. Zane is a schnauzer/corgi mix (Schnorgi as I like to say) that I adopted from Fido Knows in Chandler. He will be 5 yrs old next month. I have had him just over 3 yrs. He is my little clown! Zane bounces everywhere & has both a Schnauzer & a Corgi personality. He thinks herding Lobo around the house is the best fun. When I win the lottery I am buying him a herd of miniature goats so he can herd to his little heart's content. He sleeps curled beside me or on my feet each night.
  3. Scrappy is also a Miniature Schnauzer. He was officially named Scrappy Doobie by me when I adopted him from Pet Angels in OKC (they had named him Scrappy which fits him perfectly). He was found as a stray & was on death row at the animal shelter when the rescue group was called & told there was a Schnauzer about to be put down. Scrappy has told me that he finds the name "animal shelter" to be a joke as he did not feel very sheltered. He just turned 5 yrs old this month & I have had him 4 yrs. Scrappy saved me from a pitbull attack. He is a very brave little dog, totally devoted to him Mommy. He knows when I am sad, sick, or just down. Scrappy is a snuggler who sleeps on a pillow right beside me. Scrappy has a very old soul - you can see it in his eyes. He never leaves my side when we are home, loves to ride in the car, & is totally fascinated by cows.


Well, I guess it is easy to tell I am a dog person & totally gaga over the Pupsters. My little boys are a constant joy. They love me unconditionally & are always so glad to see me. Doesn't matter if I am gone 4 hrs or 4 minutes the greeting is always the same. They wiggle all over & just have to give me kisses & get lots of pets. My furbabies have consoled me during moments of great sadness, made me feel better when I was sick, provided wonderful companionship, forced me to get up, get moving when I would have rather wallowed in my mood. The Boys always come first in their needs. I look out for them first, me second. They remind me to have a servant spirit. They are with me right now, hanging out on the bed in the spare room where the computer lives. Sometimes one of them sits on my lap while I type, sometimes they just come over for a quick pat on the head. The Boys keep me active, they keep me laughing, they give me perspective on Life because they live totally in the moment. They are a gift. They are an example of complete trust, love, acceptance, & boundless joy. They remind me to stay in the moment, to be present, to be accepting, to love unconditionally & with great abandon. I can truly be myself, completely real with no fear of rejection. The Boys teach me how to live fully every minute of every day.

Lobo, Scrappy, & Zane -- Mommy loves you!! I wouldn't be me without you three. You have each brought a joy to me that I did not know existed. You have healed my wounded heart just by bringing your own individual personalities into my life. You are separate, but you have completed a circle in my life. You have made me a better human because of who you think I am. I think that is the purpose of each of your Spirits' Journeys. I see the light of your souls shining through your eyes. I hear your voices in my Spirit. In this house, the four-leggeds & the two-legged are one living in harmony.

Blessed be...

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jen said...

This is absolutely precious, and you have got the most beautiful face. I really like the last part where you write directly to the dogs. I miss being a dog person. =(

T.R. said...

What a beautiful tribute to humankind's best friend. I have two who keep me moving also. And Jen is right, you have the face of an angel (and a movie star). Blessed you are, indeed.

country girl said...

Thank you for your soothing words this morning; much appreciated.

butterflies said...

I love those boys!
Lobo, Scrappy, & Zane ,,they rock:)
I couldnt live without a dog in the house....
Love you sister! have a great weekend.

Dr.John said...

I love our spaniel but more than one I don't know if I would survive.
Glad the dogs have found such a good friend in you.