Sunday, March 15, 2009

Paris on Saturday

It was a rainy, overcast Saturday so Sparky & I decided to go to Paris.

No, not in France!! (I WISH)

Paris, TX
Didn't have any real reason, just felt like a road trip. So, I drove over to his house (an hour away) & we took off for Paris. We laughed about going to Paris for the day several times. We had a very nice day. Went to a very high-end furniture store that is going out of business & window shopped. They had some Civil War paintings I really liked, but no one wants to buy my first & only born so I was SOL. LOL! The merchandise was still very expensive even marked way down. But it was fun to look & we saw some very unique pieces. There was an $18,000 side board that I liked. Ah, the plight of a poor Okie girl with a Dom P. appetite.
Ate dinner at Shogun in Paris (Japense hibachi) & along with hibachi we had one of our favorites, sushi. Then we took a different route back to OK. Just took our time & took in the scenery. Stopped at a catfish restaurant for supper that we like just over the dam on the OK side of Lake Texhoma. Good fish- best bone-in catfish I have had in a long time. The fries & hushpuppies were "commercial" but the fish made it all worthwhile. Then it was back on the road to Sparky's place. We watched a little TV then I headed back to my house. It was a very pleasant laid back kinda day. Just nice to cruise in the 'Vette, talk, laugh, & sing along with the radio.
Life is good!!
Blessed be...


Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Wow! I love that you sent us pictures of PARIS! Thanks for sharing your world traveling adventures with us.

Barry Moses (Sulustu) said...

Actually, I LOVE to visit little out of the way places like that. It makes me happy to see your travels.

butterflies said...

Mmm I wonder why James never took me there?? He knew I always wanted to go to Paris!
Yep thanks for the pics.I went to the Japanese resturant too for Mum bday! we had whats called the banquet where they bring out all kinds of dishes..of course sushi and tereyaki chicken and sashimi (raw fish) and tempura.
The party went off well and opened my eyes..I will blog about it:)
Love ya sis!