Friday, October 16, 2009

Random Fact #7

Random Fact #7 -- I have been writing a novel for the last 10 years.

Not full-time, obviously, but sometimes more than others.  I have written several short stories, started another couple of novels, & I wrote an Easter play for the church I attended several years ago (very well received btw).  I haven't written anything for the last few years except my journal & this blog.  The book is always in the back of my mind & lately I have been toying with the idea of leaving it as is as sort of a short story, combining it with my other short stories & partially written novels & seeing how that feels to me for a published work.  I would like to take some of my writings from this blog & my two previous ones for combination into another book.  I really enjoy writing, telling my stories (both true & imaginary).  I made up stories to tell my son when he was little.  I like storytelling.  I think it is a part of my heritage (Irish-great storytellers, Native-history was verbal & passed down through stories).   I enjoy the written word, painting pictures with words.  I like verbal storytelling because I can interject my humor & emotions in the telling.  This leads me into a bonus Random Fact.  Look for Random Fact #8 coming soon.

blessed be...

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butterflies said...

I was talking to jake the other day about writing too..
Ive never been able to start cos I never knew where to finish! But he explained that theres hundreds of stories inside the big one and each of them does have an end.
That made sense!
Love ya xoxo