Sunday, October 18, 2009

Random Facts #8 -- The Bonus

I promised a bonus random fact so here it is.

Random Fact #8 -- I want to be a standup comedian

Yep, that's right.  I want to do comedy.  I really never thought I was all that funny, but others always have & still do.  My life offers lots of material & I have on occassion launched into my "routine" as a way to mask the pain of the situation I am relating.  Trust me, I don't make this stuff up I just put a humorous spin on it (if you have listened to me tell a story or relate an incident you just may have experienced this).  Laughter is healing & comedy can give a wonderful perspective to something one considers painful.

I have done material on my Mother & our relationship, my foray into the Pentecostal church (which I loved btw & would never disrespect, but some things I have witnessed are funny), my ex-husbands, ex-boyfriends, situtations in which I have found myself throughout my life, even my son.   If I have experienced it, I have made a joke about it.  My Mom has made me promise that I will not take my show on the road until she is dead.  She thinks someone might recognize her in my routine.  Well, duh!!!

Anyway, that is my secret (until now) ambition.  I would love to stand on a stage every night & exorcise my past through humor.   Truth is stranger than fiction.  And my life would make a sitcom. 

blessed be...

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T.R. said...

You would be great. I wanna be there for that show!