Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Memories


When I was a little girl my Granddaddy always gave me a box of Brachs Chocolate Covered Cherries for Christmas.  When he died, no one bought me chocolate covered cherries at Christmas anymore.  When I was married to ex #2 I shared this Christmas memory one year.  That Christmas I received a box of chocolate covered cherries & he told me they were from my Granddaddy.  That is one of my best memories of that marriage.  Someone loved me enough to listen to how important that memory was to me, and saw to it that I knew he knew it was special to me.  Now I buy them for myself every Christmas & remember childhood Christmases.  I did it this year too.  It was very important to do this year.  I have had one or two of them every few days.  I will finish the box tonight when I am home after spending the day with friends & having dinner with them.

I remember the year I was 16 or 17 & my family went to see all the Christmas lights in the nearest big town.  Back when stores stayed open late & were located on Main Street.  Music played, all the windows were decorated, & as we walked in & out of stores I would comment on things I liked.  We would then stroll on, me & Mama.  As I would later learn Daddy would wait until we were in the next store & he would buy me everything I had picked out.  All those gifts were under the tree on Christmas morning - the peach colored bucket type shoulder bag, the arora borealis crystal pendant.  There was more but those two I have always remembered.  But mostly I remember the beauty of walking in & out of the stores so beautifully lighted with lovely Christmas music playing.  I always loved to shop with Mama.  We had so much fun looking at things, commenting, watching people, trying on clothes & shoes.  We would have lovely lunches & shop some more.  No one was a better shopping partner than my Mama.  I wish I had known the last time we shopped together would be the last time.  I took it for granted.  Now I cherish the memories.

Merry Christmas, dear readers!!  Cherish each day, each memory you make as if it is the last one.  Make today a special memory for your family & for you. 

~~blessed be...


Oklahoma Granny said...

Merry Christmas to you!

I have a Christmas memory of Brachs Cherry Chocolates but not nearly as wonderful as your memories of the sweet candies. My sister was born on Dec 20 and my mom LOVED cherry chocolates. Seems lots of people knew that and brought her boxes of them while she was in the hospital. Back then, a new mom stayed several days in the hospital. Mom had my dad bring the candy home and hide it. Well, he didn't do a very good job of hiding and my brother and me found the stash. Too many chocolates later I was one sick puppy. Now I buy them for my husband because he loves them so. I might sometimes try to eat one a year.

You were very blessed to have such a special mom!

Out of My Mind said...


I too have a Christmas memory that involves the same confection. My Dad always gave me them as one on my Christmas presents.

He is 99 now I live with and care for him) so I have to buy my own cherries now. But, there is something about sitting down in my recliner and biting into my first cherry that is indescribable. Some memories can be so precious.

I am a new blogger. And just TRIED to join the "Over 40 Bloggers Club" I don't understand how to add her button and am waiting to hear back from her.

I am amazed at how my blog has taken off since July of this year. They tell me it's funny (which is what I am after). Check it out and give me some advice.


Out of My Mind said...



I have something on today's blog...check it out! It will give you an idea about what a "nut" I am!