Thursday, January 1, 2009


Blessed New Year!!!!

I'm not sure about resolutions yet. I'll be eating black-eyed peas & ham for prosperity today (MIL is cooking for us--Yippee!!)--it is a Southern tradition.

Prosperity can mean so many things, & to most people it involves monetary holdings (money, property, investments, etc). But to me I think of Prosperity of Spirit. I believe that when you are rich in Spirit you have everything:

  • peace of mind
  • confidence
  • a belief in all the is unseen
  • faith
  • compassion
  • love (for yourself & others)
  • a relationship with Great Spirit
  • a giving heart
  • a servant's heart
  • lack of ego
  • you are in touch with the deepest part of yourself, & you embrace all the facets of you
  • you are constantly working to make yourself the best you can possibly be as a human
  • acceptance (of yourself & others)

I believe this New Year will be a continuation & exceleration of my Journey to self-realization, becoming more in touch with my Gifts, & delving deeper into the Great Mystery. I look forward to spending more time in meditation, reading & studying Spiritualism, & becoming even more my true, authentic self with more insight into the Other Side.

May 2009 bring us the "prosperity" we crave.

Blessed be...


Ravn... said...

Happy new year!


Wife, Mom, and Slave said...

Happy New Year! I love reading these posts from you. I've been inspired and thank you. Much love

butterflies said...

Happy New Year Girlfriend:)
May all your hopes and dreams come true..
All I want is a dream to dream...

T.R. said...

Happy New Year!!!

jenx67 said...

Happy New Year, Smalltown Girl!!!