Thursday, January 8, 2009


The boundaries which divide life from death
are at best shadowy and vague.
Who shall say where one ends,
and the other begins?
Edgar Alan Poe
WOW!! I find this so profound, especially since I am always reflecting on the fact that this Life is just a way station. A stop between our beginnings on the Other Side & our return to the Other Side-that which is called Death in this Life. But it is not death just simply a return Home.
I am currently reading "Soul Signs" an elemental guide to your Spiritual destiny by Rosemary Altea. I usually read a chapter each morning before getting ready for work or starting my day. I have just covered the introductory chapters & cannot wait to get to the "meat" of the book. So far I am just enthralled. It speaks to me, what I believe (and have always believed) about my Spirit. I cannot wait to find out what sign I am.
I know that I chose all that has made up my life to date. In many of those experiences I can see the lessons learned. In some I am still studying the lesson & trying to figure it all out. I know that no one comes into my life, or me into theirs, accidentally. It is all a part of this experience I, & they, are having. We are each together in this moment for a particular reason. Some people have been on this Journey with me for years. Some have come & gone when we have impacted each other as need be. I don't always know why I leave a peron's life or they leave mine, but if I meditate enough on it I have sometimes been shown the lesson. Many times I was in their lives for a reason not the other way around. Sometimes we were in each others lives for different reasons. No matter. I know I have walked away a much better, more enlightened person. I hope the same is true for those whose life I have touched but that is their journey.
I go forward today with a light heart, a joyful Spirit knowing that I am blessed by Great Spirit, my Totem leads me when I falter, & my Tribe who loves me unconditionally. Each step on this Journey is an adventure toward my true authentic self so that I can live more enlightened & share my gifts with others, to hopefully leave this Life a better place because I inhabited a small part of it.
Blessed be....

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