Thursday, January 29, 2009

Maya Angelou

Maya Angelou is my favorite poet. I find inspiration, peace, provoking thoughts, comfort, love, & dignity in her writings.

Don't bring negative to my door.
Today I found this in quotes from Dr. Angelou. I thought about how true this is in my life. I grew up & for the years I was married lived with "negative" in my home, my life, my waking hours, my sleep. Not because that is the person I am, but because that was the nature of the men I married( Dud #2 in particular-he was certain everyone was out to get him & lived in constant attack mode). When I struck out on my own 15 years ago, I had already begun the Journey of living a life of positivity. I do have my negative moments, but I do not allow negative to be brought to my home. I have become very adept at changing the subject when my Mom approaches with negativity on any subject because I have found it does no good with her to point out the positive aspect.
The other day Sparky complained that the water spiget on my refridgerator is "slow". I responded that yes it is but the ice drops rapidly LOL. Two days later he calls & tells me to check the connection to be sure it is turned on all the way at the tap point. I told him I would check into it but that it really didn't bother me, I just wait for whatever I am filling to fill up. He responded that he did not have that much patience (the flow is not THAT slow BTW). I just laughed & advised that I had taken the high road on patience for at least the last 10 years.
Just not worth sweating the small stuff.
I just have found that it is so much easier to be positive, know that this too shall pass, & face Life with a smile. Even when you are being crapped on which is not all that easy sometimes. But, hey this is the Road I have chosen on my Journey. I think I get to choose how I will accomplish the walk.
So......Don't bring negative to my door
Blessed be...

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