Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Sometimes I forget...

to stop & say "Thank You!!!". 

An Attitude of Gratitude--something I always strive to have in my daily life.  For several days I have forgotten.  Forgotten that I have so much for which I should be thankful, so many blessings. 

Sometimes we get mired down in the daily grind, & I don't mean that morning cup of coffee.  We muck about in the mud of Life, bogging further down in the crap. At times the crap can threaten to bury us, if we do not shovel fast enough.  Monday I forgot to shovel at all.  And in doing so got swallowed up, buried, & wallowed in the mud, couldn't find my footing.  I had some trouble digging out that day.  But, Tuesday the sun rose in the East, shined brightly on my head (I also had a very good hair day LOL), & I remembered to be grateful.  Grateful for a good paying job (even if I do have "boss issues") in a time when so many are unemployed, grateful for good health (even if I am one of the "uninsured"), grateful for good friends who send love, support, & advice, grateful that I am here in this moment, grateful to be grateful. 

Today, I am back!  Me--positive, hopeful, energetic, happy, ready to keep moving forward.  And, BTW, still having a good hair day!!  Good hair & make-up can really change a woman's attitude, not to mention being at my lowest weight in 10 yrs.  Still not at my goal, still need to exercise EVERY DAY to finish the loss process, but thankful for having to punch more holes in the belt, thankful that I am feeling good.

While working on my meditation today I came across the link listed below.  Just what I needed today to reinforce what I already knew.  Visual reminders are always a good thing.  So I though I would share it.  I hope it blesses your day also.

~~blessed be...

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