Thursday, May 6, 2010

Ramblings on a Thursday morning...

I'm an Oklahoma Girl

Red dirt courses thru my veins
Ya’ll falls softly from my lips
I talk slow, no sign of a drawl
But I’m an Oklahoma Girl

I love the smell of new mown hay
I can tell you what kind of cow is in that field
I can drive a John Deere
I’m an Oklahoma Girl

I wear boots & jeans with diamond rings
I am at home in lace & pearls
I learned to drive in an old Chevy truck
Bumping over ruts in a pasture
I’m an Oklahoma Girl

I’ve shoveled out cow barns
I can milk by hand
I’ve hoed the garden
I’ve watched the dehorning
I’m an Oklahoma Girl

I’ve fed the calves
I’ve watered the horses
I’ve called the cows in to be milked
I’ve called the dog to kill a snake
I’m an Oklahoma Girl

I drink coffee from Starbucks
I shop at Whole Foods
I’ve traveled the country
I’ve searched for an identity
I’ve found my way home
I’m an Oklahoma Girl

I lived in big cities far from the hills
Saw mountains that touched the sky
Walked in the shadows far from the light
Always an Oklahoma Girl

I lived a fast life
I rode the back of a Harley
But nothing compared to riding my pony
I’ve climbed the Cascades, topped the Rockies
But, nothing compared to seeing the Arbuckles in the summer sun
wildflowers gracing the centuries old rocky face
I am, after all, an Oklahoma Girl

Neon lit many a sky
Turned night into day
Sounds of traffic played a sweet song
Sounds of the city both night & day
But, I am an Oklahoma Girl

Thunderheads come up far to the west
Lightening dances
Thunder booms far off in the distance
The clouds are black turning to green
I am an Oklahoma Girl taught to read the signs

Spring is upon us
Tornados are a part of our existence
Don't head for the cellar
Stand on the porch & watch it unfold
I'm an Oklahoma Girl

It's hailing they said that Oregon afternoon
Our cars will be dented
Our insurance is doomed
What, that's not hail I shouted
Pea-sized , HA HA
Don't call me til it's at least golfball.
Silly, people
I'm an Oklahoma Girl & I know hail

I’ve watched the sun set on Key West
But nothing can match the colors of pink, purple & gold
when the sun sets on the Oklahoma horizon
Nothing compares to the night the full moon graces an Oklahoma sky
The stars dance thru the heavens
The night birds call
A soft breeze blows thru my hair
I smell the honeysuckle, the roses
I let out a long breath, I am home

I am an Oklahoma Girl

~~blessed be...


Prairiemaid said...

Love it! And I love the smell of honeysuckle!


Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Beautifully written. I saw myself in many of the lines. Blessed be indeed.~~Dee

Jill said...

Growing up in Rural Iowa, I can relate to many of these things :)

I'm now Following your blog via the 40 and Over Bloggers :)

~ Jill