Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Aquarius Tues, 12/23/08
1/20 – 2/18

If you have deep feelings for someone who has wronged you, making a fresh start can be challenging. Moving completely past grudges and anger is often impossible to do. So if you are feeling like you want to stop trying to put the past behind you, then take a break from being the bigger person. Get your distance from the people who don't make you feel good about yourself. Let time show you whether you should keep someone in your life, or let them know that it is time to move on.
Yesterday I received a package from Big Guy in Seattle. It was a lovely photograph of a wolf pack as well as a beautiful collector plate with an Indian maiden & a wolf. They are both just beautiful & I was very surprised to get them since we have not spoken in quite a while ( I called a timeout to our phone conversations a few months ago). Our friendship has run its course, he said some very hurtful things to me (one was about my brother) & I called it quits on the phone conversations--told him I needed a break, explained how he was making me feel about myself & how hurtful his approach to me & others was to me, how uncomfortable it made me (we have known each other since we were 14 & were engaged for about a year a few years ago & have kept in touch). There was no card, nothing just the two items. So I have written a quick thank you letter & also explained that it is time for our friendship to be over. I explained it has just become too unsettling to me each time we speak. He is one of those men who thinks if I express a complaint about something he has to tell me how to fix it. Not what I need (The Sparkman just lets me rant, then tell him my plan & he either agrees or not, but he has never told me what to do--I think he knows better LOL). Anyway, this horoscope today was just what I needed & I believe it speaks of the relationship that must now end. Sad, but I think necessary for my mental, emotional, & spiritual wellbeing. Big Guy & I are just not on the same page & the friendship is becoming toxic. So, I made a grownup decision--sever the ties. After 42 yrs I am free of the fantasy of a life with him. My how I have grown.
Blessed be...


jenx67 said...

You can't imagine how much this spoke to me today.

butterflies said...

Yes..the past is best left right there...
You have moved on and grown thru it onto a new level.Ive seen it happen.
Merry Christmas my lovely sister!
I love you xxxx

country girl said...

I'm an Aquarius so I really understand. Today I had to see my ex-husband for a short time to deliver our son's car to him. He is part of my totally dysfunctional past life. I've worked hard to overcome all that stuff. Thank you for your post.

Louisiana said...

my dear girl, how kind you don't forget anyone not even me. how i thank you for your visits and for your patience. i will come back to blogging i'm sure but still don't know why it hasn't happen yet.

i like your cute blog page. i like you and never have forgotten you or any of my other blogging friends. i can honestly say i think of you daily.

i get your emails when i actually open my computer and laugh and i'm grateful. thank you.

i hope you have been enjoying the snow and cold, here we have made the best of it since we have had our great share of them both.

Merry Christmas hon, to you and yours. May you rejoice in this beautiful time and may it never end.

be happy, be at peace. much love to you. xo